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Project on Government Oversight

POGO 2008 Accomplishments

In 2008, POGO played a significant role in:

  • Passing a law to create a database based on POGO's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database;

  • Revealing that Air Force generals' spending of millions of taxpayer dollars to fly in custom-built 'Comfort Capsules' while our troops fly in seats barely bolted to the floor;

  • Ousting U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch, who was a bane to whistleblowers throughout the federal government;

  • Exposing the government's failure to collect royalties from oil and gas companies drilling on federal land, and revealing the industry's pervasive influence on the Department of the Interior's Royalty-In-Kind program;

  • Convincing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to finally pass a strong rule to limit security guard overtime at nuclear power plants; and

  • Uncovering that the Defense Department's Inspector General does not have the resources it needs to audit half of the Pentagon's weapons contractors.