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Billion-Dollar Deal with Russian Firm Sets Off Contracting Alarm

June 15, 2012

Day by day, Bashar al-Assad's brutal Syrian regime continues to crack down on its own civilian population. So when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia this week of providing attack helicopters to the Syrian government, most Americans were rightly outraged. But how would Americans feel if they knew nearly a billion taxpayer dollars were supporting the Russian arms broker at the center of the controversy? Unfortunately, that may very well be the case.

FEMA Leaves Two Thirds of Money It's Owed for Improper Payments on the Table

April 24, 2012

One of POGO's areas of concern is the recovery of "improper payments." Many agencies have collected only a small percentage of the taxpayer money they have wrongly spent through overpayments, duplicate payments, payments for services not actually rendered, payments to the incorrect person or group, and payments to vendors that do not even exist.