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Maj. Donald E. Vandergriff (U.S. Army, ret.)

U.S. Army, retired


Maj. Donald E. Vandergriff (U.S. Army, ret.) served for 24 years of active duty as an enlisted Marine and Army officer. He has had numerous troop, staff and educational assignments in the United States and abroad. Donald Vandergriff was named ROTC instructor of the year 2002-2003 and the 3rd ROTC Brigade instructor of the year for 2003-2004. Vandergriff is a frequently published authority on the U.S. Army personnel system, Army culture, leadership development, soldier training, and the emergence of Fourth Generation Warfare.  He has authored many articles and briefings, as well as four books: “Spirit, Blood and Treasure: The American Cost of Battle in the 21st Century” (Presidio Press, 2001), “The Path to Victory: America's Army and the Revolution in Human Affairs” (Presidio Press, 2002), “Raising the Bar: Creating and Nurturing Adaptability to Deal with the Changing Face of War” (Center for Defense Information, 2006) and “Manning the Future Legions of the United States: Finding and Developing Tomorrow's Centurions” (Praeger Security International, 2008). Vandergriff's next book will be “The Missing Link: Developing Personnel for Mission Command, A Superior Command Culture.” Vandergriff is a member of CDI's Military Advisory Board and currently a contractor in support of the Army Capabilities Integration Center Forward at Crystal City, Virginia.