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Tony Carr

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Tony is an independent writer, journalist, commentator, and analyst specializing in military and defense issues. After serving for more than 22 years on US Air Force active duty, during which he flew C-17s in combat, commanded a flying squadron, earned a Distinguished Flying Cross, and served in multiple key advisory and staff posts, Tony retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2013 and started the John Q. Public project. Through the project, he pushes the Air Force toward institutional reform by bringing transparency, rigorous reporting, and a critical voice to issues impacting airmen, airpower, and the overall organization. His independent media outlet has evolved into a leading, credible voice on Air Force matters and a respected source of original reporting and hard-hitting analysis of issues touching national defense and military affairs, earning regular citations in a range of publications both online and offline. Tony also does considerable work advocating on behalf of veterans, appearing in print, online, and occasionally on television and radio networks to advance the shared cause of American servicemembers and contribute to the safeguarding of their heard-earned compensation and benefits against the pressures of budget austerity. Tony also studies law as a third-year student at Harvard, where he focuses on international law and serves as a Senior Editor on the school’s National Security Journal.