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Project on Government Oversight

10 Books That Matter: POGO’s 2013 Winter Reading List

Download a PDF of our 2013 Winter Reading List to Your Tablet or eReader

Our newest reading list is filled with books that touch upon our core mission of exposing corruption, waste and abuse in the federal government, while also exploring solutions through new legislation and reform. While we might not agree with every point the authors might make, we think these books further the public discourse on issues such as national security, politics, financial regulation and the broad area of government oversight.

(The books on this list have all been published within the last year and have not appeared on our previous reading lists.)



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Bull by the Horns

Fighting to Save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from Itself

By Sheila Bair

“The former FDIC Chairwoman, and one of the first people to acknowledge the full risk of subprime loans, offers a compelling perspective on the greatest crisis the U.S. has faced since the Great Depression.”  -- Free Press, September 2012

• New York Times: Ex-Regulator Has Harsh Words for Bankers and Geithner

• Washington Times: Book Review



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