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Project on Government Oversight

Legal Internship Insights

What former POGO legal interns have to say

While serving as POGO's legal fellow, George Washington University law student Kevin Phelps worked primarily on overhauling the Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD), an online resource maintained by POGO of government contracts awarded to companies with histories of misconduct. The FCMD became both a better resource for those conducting oversight and a stronger portion of POGO's website thanks to Kevin's work.

“The Database is a significant part of POGO’s website, and I was at first amazed at the level of responsibility and independence I was allowed. … while collaboration and supervision is no doubt present (as it is for all staff members), a sense of ownership for each assignment is certainly felt. This does not detract, however, from the team environment that POGO fosters—from the Executive Director to the interns, each voice is heard and equally considered.”

During her legal internship, Georgetown University law student Nadia Asancheyev assisted POGO General Counsel Scott Amey with a First Amendment lawsuit filed by POGO against Attorney General John Ashcroft. The suit alleged that Ashcroft had retroactively classified public information. As part of her research for the case, Nadia wrote a lengthy memorandum on the state secrets privilege.

"If you're looking to work in an organization where the goal is to make your government accountable to its citizenry and believe in social justice, POGO is the place for you! However, please be forewarned, there are no positions available, as I will be keeping POGO all to myself."