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Los Alamos: Meth, Classified Docs and Nukes

With the latest incident at Los Alamos National Laboratory--birthplace of the atomic bomb--we wonder: Could you sneak away classified documents like drug dealers sling methamphetamine?  Since a drug bust at a Los Alamos trailer home last week, where authorities also found a Lab flash drive with classified documents in the trailer we are told, you have to ask that question.  A man was arrested for dealing meth and for domestic violence, and there has been a connection to a Los Alamos contractor.

Secretary of Energy Bodman was briefed this morning about the drug raid and was reportedly furious.

The Los Alamos Monitor reported on a methamphetamine drug raid last week which appears to be the initial encounter which led the authorities to conduct the raid on Friday. The Monitor reports that police were �responding to a 4:16 p.m. call from a neighbor alerting them to loud arguing occurring inside the house� when they discovered �pipes and other paraphernalia� and �hazardous meth lab components.� The article includes details about what, who, where of this initial incident.

According to unconfirmed sources, a person who was connected to the drug raid worked for a subcontractor of KSL, a company that provides maintenance for Los Alamos. KSL helpfully lists its subcontractors on their website.

According to the KSL website: �Awarded the Los Alamos National Labs Support Services Contract in 2003, KSL provides services support for the three main contractors at LANL:

--Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. Government Operations;

--Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.;

--and Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc.

Together, these four companies provide over 75% of the Los Alamos National Labs work force providing multiple services varying from simple custodial workers to nuclear scientists and technicians. With an exemplary safety record and a proven history of success KSL has intertwined itself with Los Alamos National Labs providing a steadfast commitment to supporting partnerships in the economic, academic, and cultural life of the New Mexico region.�

Ironically, the Los Alamos Lab�s public affairs office published a puff piece in August 2004 that quotes KSL Services General Manger Ed Burckle saying �we must never lose sight that the overriding concern during the resumption process is to ensure we have re-examined our procedures for safety, security and compliance and that all employees have been trained and qualified to perform their duties.�

By: Beth Daley
Director of Investigations, POGO

At the time of publication, Beth Daley was the Director of Investigations for the Project On Government Oversight.

Authors: Beth Daley

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