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Los Alamos Owner of Meth Trailer's MySpace Page

We can't be 100% sure, but this may be Jessica Quintana's MySpace page.  Quintana is the owner of the Los Alamos trailer where Justin Stone was arrested for drugs and three flash drives were found that allegedly had classified information from Los Alamos National Laboratory on them.

It adds up: We did a search for Jessica Quintana on MySpace within 100 miles of Los Alamos' zip code.  This page is only one that matches that, along with her confirmed age of 22.  Furthermore, under "Occupation," the page says she is a "Data Tech."  According to the Los Alamos Monitor, "Reports also indicate that Quintana was employed as a data entry clerk at Information Assets Management, a LANL subcontractor, before being laid off."

-- Nick Schwellenbach

By: Nick Schwellenbach
Director of Investigations, POGO

Nick Schwellenbach Nick Schwellenbach's areas of expertise include: Government Oversight, Wasteful Contractor Spending, Open Government, Financial Sector, Whistleblower Issues.

Authors: Nick Schwellenbach

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