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SBX Assessment

Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune's Kirsten Scharnberg reported on the Sea-Based X-Band Radar's, a key missile defense system component, status.  In short, the SBX still faces numerous problems which is why it's still stuck in Hawaii, rather than making its way to its (eventual) home port of Adak, Alaska.  As in many other cases, though we're not mentioned, she heavily relied on a document leaked to POGO originally and provided to her.  You can see the "For Official Use Only" SBX-1 Operational Suitability and Viability Assessment yourself here (pdf).

By: Nick Schwellenbach
Director of Investigations, POGO

Nick Schwellenbach Nick Schwellenbach's areas of expertise include: Government Oversight, Wasteful Contractor Spending, Open Government, Financial Sector, Whistleblower Issues.

Authors: Nick Schwellenbach

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