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If you didn't see them, POGO fired off a few letters late last week.  One was sent to the chairman and ranking member of the House intelligence committee urging the public release of an unclassified report on disgraced Rep. "Duke" Cunningham's contracting/earmarking shenigans on the committee.  The other was sent to the director of the Office of Management and Budget concerning the appointment of a contractor lobbyist to fill a vacancy that should be filled by someone from the public accounting profession or from academia.  The board with the vacancy in question helps determine how contractors account for their costs.

Check them out.

-- Nick Schwellenbach

By: Nick Schwellenbach
Director of Investigations, POGO

Nick Schwellenbach Nick Schwellenbach's areas of expertise include: Government Oversight, Wasteful Contractor Spending, Open Government, Financial Sector, Whistleblower Issues.

Authors: Nick Schwellenbach

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