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Whistleblower Bites Hand that Gives Award

This just in from our colleagues at Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility: the award ceremony that was to be held today to recognize whistleblower Leroy Smith as the federal government�s Public Servant of the Year was cancelled. Apparently, the Office of Special Counsel (which was giving the award) cancelled the event after it realized that Smith was planning to criticize its performance in handling his case and other whistleblowers who have exposed unaddressed environmental hazards affecting prison industries. According to Smith�s shocking statement (pdf), the OSC did not even bother to try and fight the retaliation that Smith faced and has blown off investigating whistleblower complaints from Smith�s colleagues. Can the U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch go any lower than this? How much longer will the federal government�s whistleblowers have to endure being tortured by the OSC?

By: Beth Daley
Director of Investigations, POGO

At the time of publication, Beth Daley was the Director of Investigations for the Project On Government Oversight.

Authors: Beth Daley

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