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Whitman's (Not Really New) Masters: Oil

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Christine Todd Whitman--now-President of the consulting firm Whitman Strategy Group, which specializes in government relations and environmental and energy issues--is representing Hovensa LLC, an oil-refining operation owned by Amerada Hess Corp. and Petr´┐Żleos de Venezuela SA, President Hugo Chavez 's national oil company.

Whitman resigned as Administrator of the EPA in June 27, 2003.  Whitman Strategy Group was founded in December 2004.

By: Mandy Smithberger
investigator, POGO

At the time of publication, Mandy Smithberger was an investigator for the Project On Government Oversight, focusing on Department of the Interior oversight, including oil and gas royalties. Mandy also covered national security.

Authors: Mandy Smithberger

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