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Who's the Secret Senator?

An impressive bi-partisan group of bloggers, blog readers, and organizations have been contacting Senators' offices trying to find out which Senator, who has yet to be named, put a hold on the Coburn-Obama legislation to bring transparency to government spending.

TPM Muckraker has compiled its readers input with that from and GOP Progress.  At last count, around 4:10pm Eastern time, eleven Senators were left.  These Senators either have not been questioned or have refused to answer whether they placed the hold.  It may be of note that, among these eleven, only Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) has refused to answer so far, according to the cats at Muckraker.

UPDATE: Chambliss isn't it, but some say the odds are on Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) being the one. 

By: Nick Schwellenbach
Director of Investigations, POGO

Nick Schwellenbach Nick Schwellenbach's areas of expertise include: Government Oversight, Wasteful Contractor Spending, Open Government, Financial Sector, Whistleblower Issues.

Authors: Nick Schwellenbach

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