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Take Action to Get a Permanent State Dept. Watchdog

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Click here to tell President Obama to appoint a permanent State Department inspector general

It has been a whopping 1,842 days since the State Department had a permanent in-house watchdog to investigate fraud, waste and abuse at this crucial agency.

Inspectors general are independent watchdogs within federal agencies that are essential to a well-functioning government. They conduct audits and investigations that identify wasteful government practices, fraud by individuals and government contractors, and other sorts of government misconduct. Congress and the public rely on their reports to hold agencies and individuals accountable for wrongdoing, identify a need for legislation, and evaluate the effectiveness of government programs and policies.

Unfortunately, President Obama went his entire first term without nominating an inspector general for the State Department. At over five years, the State Department opening is the longest running vacancy among federal agencies.

It's time to change that.

Join POGO in urging President Obama to nominate a strong and independent permanent inspector general for the State Department.

By: Andre Francisco
Online Producer, POGO

andre francisco Andre Francisco is the Online Producer for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: Government Accountability

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Authors: Andre Francisco

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