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F-22s Make Three ‘Precautionary’ Landings in Japan

In early April, three F-22 jets were forced to make “precautionary landings” at Kadena Air Base in Japan, according to an article in Defense Tech.

From the article:

However, none of the pilots complained of breathing problems that previous pilots had experienced in the fifth generation fighters, Air Force officials said.

It’s unclear what caused these precautionary landings, but the result of them have not incurred “unique flight restrictions” for the 12 F-22As deployed to Kadena, said 2nd Lt. Hope Cornin, a spokeswoman for the 18th Wing.

Previously, the F-22 was grounded after pilots complained of losing oxygen during flight, and the causes of a fatal F-22 crash have not been properly explained. The F-22 program has long been a troubled program with mounting costs for a stealth fighter that has yet to be used in combat.

Read more about the F-22 landings at Defense Tech.

Image from Flickr user AirmanMagazine.

By: Andre Francisco
Online Producer, POGO

andre francisco Andre Francisco is the Online Producer for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: National Security

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Authors: Andre Francisco

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