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Justice’s Seizure of AP’s Phone Records Threatens Press Freedom

The Justice Department’s seizure of records for 20 phone lines of Associated Press reporters and editors is only the latest in a continued attack on press freedoms, according to POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian.

Brian recently sat down with Gina Kim from Moyers and Company to discuss the scandal. Listen to the full podcast above, including Brian’s thoughts on the chilling effect of this scandal and Attorney General Eric Holder’s role and responsibility.

Brian was also recently on Bill Moyer’s TV show to discuss how money rules Washington. You can see that segment here.

By: Andre Francisco
Online Producer, POGO

andre francisco Andre Francisco is the Online Producer for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: Whistleblower Protections

Authors: Andre Francisco

Submitted by at: May 26, 2013
this blows me away --- that we have sunk so far on a principal "right" of citizenship-- freedom from constant attact and violence....We need to get together and fight/ un-elect those who support such inappropriate changes to the USA's legal system
Submitted by Linda Lou at: May 25, 2013
This was something that started during the Bush Administration and was legislated by the 109th Congress which was a Republican Congress. Wanna change this law then vote for Progressives and share with them how you feel about this. The biggest threat to the Free Press not only comes from Congress but also from Billionaire Industrialists that seek to silence critics by purchasing Newspapers.
Submitted by Steve at: May 25, 2013
Ed, so many thousands have died in wars for the very purpose of protecting our rights. Are we so weak that we are willing to toss away the very freedoms terrorists allegedly hate us for because of some violent acts? For me The Patriot Act was more a gift to Bin Laden than to the American people. For what it's worth I am a 100% disabled American veteran.
Submitted by Slim at: May 23, 2013
The very fear of terrorism is being used by the federal goverment to undermine the 1st and 4th Amendments. The Patriot Act has largely supplanted the Bill of Rights. It is a fool's bargain to exchange our fundamental liberties for the illusion of safety.
Submitted by Ed at: May 23, 2013
Yes but , what if this directly helps reduce violence and terrorism ?

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