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House Committee Launches VA Accountability Website

In an effort to highlight some of the accountability and oversight issues at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a House committee has launched a new page called VA Accountability Watch.

The page, which is run by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, highlights specific cases of VA mismanagement in cities around the country. Many of the cases involve large bonuses like the $53,000 payment a VA employee in Phoenix, Arizona was paid despite poor performance at their office. There are also cases of medical mismanagement at VA centers that led to outbreaks of disease or even death in Dayton, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

The page says it is “dedicated to showing America’s veterans and American taxpayers how the department’s widespread and systemic lack of accountability may actually be encouraging more veteran suffering instead of preventing it.”

In a FedScoop article about the page, POGO’s Director of Public Policy Angela Canterbury said:

It’s terrific to see Congress doing this kind of public engagement on oversight. We have been really impressed by the work being done by the investigators for the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. This is just the latest example of the committee’s dedication to holding the VA accountable to ensure our veterans get the care they deserve.

The most pressing issue facing the VA is the massive backlog of compensation claims from wounded veterans, but the department has also had problems with risky contracting policies, construction delays, and altering health appointment data to make delays appear shorter.

By: Andre Francisco
Online Producer, POGO

andre francisco Andre Francisco is the Online Producer for the Project On Government Oversight.

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Authors: Andre Francisco

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