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Stop the Shutdown Now

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As I write this, I’ve never been more frustrated, saddened and, frankly, utterly embarrassed with what’s happening in this city.

No matter what party you belong to or what beliefs you hold dear, America cannot continue this losing strategy of “governing by crisis.”

There are some in Congress who are using anti-government rhetoric and tactics. We at the Project On Government Oversight are not anti-government. While we’re often critical of how government does its business, we hold the core belief that there is a potential for a better, more accountable government. I’ve spent nearly 30 years in Washington advocating for the public interest, working closely with scores of Members of Congress and several different Administrations representing both parties. I’ve found that there are few absolutes here. There are always at least two sides and, usually, many shades of gray in between.

Tell Congress to Open the Government

However, in this case, I feel strongly that there is only one immediate step for our Congress to take: Call a vote today and let each member of the House of Representatives vote “yes” or “no” for a “clean” Continuing Resolution to fund our government and keep it running.

We at POGO have committed our lives to our work because we believe in the value of good government. Every minute the government is shut down is another minute where public services, oversight, and accountability crumble—threatening our economy, our health and safety, and more.

It’s been years and years without a proper budget process—for which both parties are to blame. This is no way to run a government. First, the government must be restored, and then our confidence that Congress can reach across the aisle and do the jobs entrusted to them. It’s time to end crisis governing.

By: Danielle Brian
Executive Director, POGO

danielle brian Ms. Brian's areas of expertise include: National Security, Government Oversight, Wasteful Defense Spending, Ethics, Open Government, Whistleblower Issues

Topics: Government Accountability

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Authors: Danielle Brian

Submitted by cas127 at: October 15, 2013
Prior to the Tea Party (who the Washington Establishment are trying so desperately to marginalize via MSM tools), how much successful spending restraint existed within DC over the last 60 years? In an era when the Fed has quadrupled the fiat money supply (from $850 billion to $3.8 trillion) in the space of 5 years - to hopelessly prop up a federally misdirected, dying economy (and an already fiscally dead government, which survives only on artificially induced interest rates), why in the hell should we trust you and not them? You have proven yourself to be fiscal enunchs - they have not. DC has grown to be one of the richest metros in the US during the worst economy since the Great Depression. On your watch. And now you descend to the obvious intellectual incoherence of pointing to the scandal-rotted SSDI in one post (so rotten even MSM stalwarts 60 Minutes and NPR are forced to acknowledge it...) and then in the next post, decry the only *effective* force for spending restraint in DC. How many sequesters did POGO ever secure? Or even suggest?
Submitted by Dfens at: October 11, 2013
Is the federal government closed? It is so hard for those of us out here in "fly-over country" to tell.

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