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Lady Gaga Tickets for Classified Info Scandal Hits Navy

Multiple senior Navy officials have been arrested for running an overbilling scheme with a major Asian defense contractor in one of the biggest- and juiciest- cases of fraud to hit the U.S. Navy in years. The contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, reportedly overcharged the Navy on multiple occasions to the tune of at least $10 million.

In addition, the contractor has been accused of bribing susceptible officials with everything from cash to plane tickets and hotel rooms in exchange for classified information, including ship deployments and tipoffs about the ongoing investigation. On one occasion, prosecutors say Navy officials were given tickets to a Lady Gaga concert in Thailand plus prostitutes to join them during the event.

In an article from The Washington Post, Laura E. Duffy, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of California, said the investigation was ongoing.

“The allegations described in this complaint describe a bribery case with all the sexy elements of a TV drama,” Duffy said in an e-mailed statement. “But the significance of the case is that it involves huge sums of money, a wide range of players, a long period of time and a number of countries.”

Federal officials arrested the four men involved- two from the Navy and two from the private contractor- on September 16. The officers arrested are Commander Michael Misiewivz and NCIS agent John B. Beliveau, and the men from Glenn Defense Marine are chief executive Leonard Glenn Francis and general manager for global government contracts Alex J. Wisidagama.

To read more, visit The Washington Post.

By: Avery Kleinman
Beth Daley Impact Fellow, POGO

Avery Kleinman At the time of publication Avery Kleinman was the Beth Daley Impact Fellow for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: National Security

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Authors: Avery Kleinman

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