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Take Action: Tell Air Force to Delay F-35 Decision

Tell the Air Force to Re-Think Its Decision to Station the F-35A in Vermont

The Air Force is planning to base the new F-35A Joint Strike Fighter in Burlington, Vermont even though the Air Force's own assessment gave Vermont the lowest score and the highest cost.

Outside of being poorly rated and expensive, the Burlington site is also near populated areas without a nearby desert or ocean for planes to crash into if something were to go wrong during testing and training. The safety of the F-35A is relatively untested, and basing the aircraft so close to an urban population could be dangerous. This week, the Project On Government Oversight sent a letter to two Air Force officials asking that they delay their decision to choose Vermont for the F-35 because of these concerns.

If you also think putting the F-35 in Vermont is a bad idea, join POGO in urging the Air Force to reconsider its decision.

By: Andre Francisco
Online Producer, POGO

andre francisco Andre Francisco is the Online Producer for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: National Security

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Authors: Andre Francisco

Submitted by ralphd at: November 13, 2013
The F35 originated during the cold war, when fighter planes fought other fighter planes but they is no longer true. It is not designed for close support of troops, the important mission today. It is excessively costly and unproven. Not only is the project wasteful, but basing it near an urban area is foolhardy. The money allocated for this would be better spent in developing solar energy, high-speed rail or a "smart" electric grid.
Submitted by Cmdr Fid at: November 10, 2013
Why do we need this thing, anyway? It's a ripoff.
Submitted by 1943 pilot at: November 9, 2013
Check the wing loading of the F-35A and B & C and compare it with the F-104 of the Cold War that killed 100's of pilots, never in combat in Europe, just flying in North America and Europe, it was called the WIDOW MAKER are you buying another.
Submitted by zoitsa at: November 9, 2013
Not again! Why does the military have so little regard for frugality and common sense?
Submitted by flippancy at: November 9, 2013
The only proper thing to do with the F-35 is to sell them off as scrap.
Submitted by conehed at: November 9, 2013
Check to see which Vermont US senators or reps have the most to gain from this. Follow the money.
Submitted by charlie3 at: November 8, 2013
What poor safety record? And what is that large body of water just west of Burlington? Don't allow a political argument to make yourself more ridiculous than you are.

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