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POGO Staffers Look Back on 2013, Ahead to New Year

Some of POGO’s brightest minds look back on what we achieved in 2013 and our top goals for the year to come.

Ethan Rosenkranz
Ethan Rosenkranz, National Security Policy Analyst

My top goal for next year is to ensure that effective caps constraining wasteful military spending remain in place. With a military budget that more than doubled from 1998-2010 and equals the sum total of the next 10 to 14 defense budgets combined, it is past time that Congress get a handle on runaway spending and exercise stronger oversight of military procurement.

angela canterbury
Angela Canterbury, Director of Public Policy

I think the Snowden disclosures have been hugely important in illustrating how little oversight there's been and how much is needed to guard against violations of our constitutional rights in the name of national security. More oversight = more balance.

Christine Anderson
Christine Anderson, Public Policy Fellow

There are so many things to be proud of from 2013! One of the issues I've worked on in which we've seen great progress is combatting the epidemic of sexual assault in the military. Just this week, legislation passed that expands whistleblower protections for those who report wrongdoing, including sexual assault--the importance of these protections cannot be overemphasized.

Mia Steinle, Investigator
In 2013, POGO became a U.S. leader in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, global effort by governments, companies and civil society to increase transparency and accountability in natural resources revenue management. POGO played a key role convincing the U.S. government and industry to release more information than ever before about public revenues from oil, gas, coal, hardrock minerals, sand and gravel, and renewable energy. The information will be released in the next couple of years, and our hope is that it will ensure that Americans get every cent they deserve for natural resources extracted from public lands.
Michael Smallberg, Investigator
Michael Smallberg, Investigator

For 2014, my top goals are giving the public a better glimpse at industry lobbyists and advisers who shape government policies, and sounding the alarm when powerful financial interests deploy former government regulators to weaken public safeguards.

scott amey
Scott Amey, General Counsel

We really work hard to inform Congress, the media, and the public about the ever-rising contractor compensation cap, and our work has finally resulted in a reduction to the cap. We also exposed Defense Department (DoD) contracting violations of "buy American" laws. Our work caused the DoD IG to start an audit and subsequently expand the scope of that audit to cover additional buy American provisions.

By: Avery Kleinman
Beth Daley Impact Fellow, POGO

Avery Kleinman At the time of publication Avery Kleinman was the Beth Daley Impact Fellow for the Project On Government Oversight.

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