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Groups Call On Congress to Enact Sensible Pentagon Savings

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Yesterday, groups from across the ideological spectrum, including the Project On Government Oversight, wrote to Members of Congress recommending a number of commonsense spending reductions at the Pentagon that could save American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars over the next ten years.

Signed by a coalition of 28 organizations, the letter urges Congress to focus on culling wasteful and ineffective programs from the national security budget. As congressional appropriators finalize an omnibus appropriations bill that includes a full-year Defense Appropriations Act, the letter emphasizes that “spending on ineffective weapons systems and wasteful Pentagon programs does not make us safer.” Signatories range from more fiscally conservative groups Americans for Tax Reform (founded by Grover Norquist) and National Taxpayers Union to more progressive groups CREDO and Campaign for America’s Future.

The letter cites a number of reports that detail potential savings in the tens of billions of dollars. These include commonsense policy recommendations, such as spending billions of dollars less on military bands and cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the M1 Abrams tank that the Army has repeatedly said it does not want. Other ideas contained in the reports include modestly reducing the size of the Navy fleet, which would save $35 billion to $41 billion over the next decade, or decreasing the number of deployed nuclear weapons for close to $30 billion in savings over ten years.

“To be clear, we do not agree among ourselves on every recommendation listed here. However, we are united in the belief that there are plenty of ways to strategically target pork-barrel projects and programs designed to fight the Cold War instead of 21st century threats,” the letter says.

The recommendations listed in this transpartisan letter, taken together, offer a roadmap for enacting billions of dollars in savings across the Pentagon’s budget. As Congress reassesses its funding priorities, it is time to make tough decisions on military spending. With plenty of pork to cut, these sensible spending recommendations are a good place to start.

To add your voice to the call for smart spending on defense, take action here.

By: Ethan Rosenkranz
National Security Policy Analyst, POGO

Ethan Rosenkranz Ethan Rosenkranz is the National Security Policy Analyst for the Project On Government Oversight.

By: Christine Anderson
Public Policy Fellow, POGO

Christine Anderson At the time of publication Christine Anderson was a public policy fellow for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: National Security

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Authors: Christine Anderson, Ethan Rosenkranz

Submitted by Dfens at: January 16, 2014
Positive change? What is "positive" about closing an assembly line and cancelling a bunch of programs? Do you not understand the difference between the words "positive" and "negative"? Seems like a pretty simple concept to me. POGO has no ideas on how to make positive changes at the Pentagon. Whatever drivel they do spout usually comes directly from press releases made by the defense contractors themselves. By the way, the defense contractors love to cancel programs just as they enter the production phase. Obviously they make more profit off the design phase of weapons development programs. Often what POGO does in calling for program cancellation is play directly to what the contractors themselves want. More "positive change"? I don't think so.
Submitted by LemdaGem at: January 11, 2014
POGO has continues to do a masterful job not only exposing the HUGE FUBAR the Pentagon operates under, but gets out there and makes the necessary recommendations to FIX it ! It's one thing to expose blatant insanity. It's quite another to offer the process of instilling positive change.

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