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Union of Concerned Scientists Stands with POGO

The Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists wrote a letter to Veterans Affairs Acting Inspector General this week urging him to reconsider his office’s demand for the Project On Government Oversight’s whistleblower records.

From the letter:

Like POGO, our Center also hears from federal whistle-blowers who fear retaliation if they publicly disclose their concerns. It is absolutely crucial to our work, to POGO’s work, and to the work of many non-profit organizations who try to advocate for open, honest and accountable government, that whistle-blowers are able to trust that we will not disclose their identities unless we have their permission. If this bond of trust is weakened, our organizations will be much less effective, and whistleblowers will lose a safe harbor.

Read the full letter here.  Join the growing chorus that is telling the VA Inspector General to drop his demand for the names of VA whistleblowers by signing our petition here.  

By: Avery Kleinman
Beth Daley Impact Fellow, POGO

Avery Kleinman At the time of publication Avery Kleinman was the Beth Daley Impact Fellow for the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: Whistleblower Protections

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Authors: Avery Kleinman

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