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A-10 Endorsements Don’t Get Better Than This


It’s worth noting that while this debate continues and DoD shifts A-10 mechanics to the F-35, the Air Force has deployed a dozen A-10s and 300 airmen to Europe to respond to the crisis in Ukraine. A-10s are already supporting U.S. efforts against ISIL.

One can’t help but wonder what potential combat commanders at Central Command (CENTCOM) and European Command (EUCOM) see that the Air Force is so anxious to retire.

The best A-10 endorsements, however, continue to come from the people in the best position to talk about the A-10’s capabilities: Troops such as the six Marines who credit an A-10 crew for saving them by intentionally drawing fire way from their position.

That story is recounted on Task & Purpose:

The pilots turned on the exterior lights of their aircraft, intentionally presenting a visible target for the insurgents in order to draw their fire away from the Marines, reported the Air Force Times. With the help of enemy coordinates relayed by the joint terminal attack controller and infrared strobe lights to mark the Marines’ position, Parvin and Cavazos were able to make multiple deadly strafing runs. Their accuracy was crucial, as they effectively targeted enemy positions as close as 20 meters from the Marines.

Image from the U.S. Air Force.

By: Mandy Smithberger
Director, CDI Straus Military Reform Project, POGO

Photograph of Mandy Smithberger Mandy Smithberger is the Director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information at the Project On Government Oversight.

Topics: National Security

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Authors: Mandy Smithberger

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