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POGO’s Suggested Congressional Priorities and Legislative Reforms

Baker's Dozen Doughnut

We’re calling it our “Baker’s Dozen,” a set of recommendations aimed at making the federal government more transparent, more accountable and more ethical. It’s a roadmap, if you will, that we believe could save taxpayers billions of dollars by reducing waste, fraud and abuse.

Our recommendations focus on 13 critical areas that we think need Congress’ immediate attention:

  • Shining a light on the influence of the revolving door between government and the industries that it regulates.
  • Making Inspectors General more independent and accountable.
  • Strengthening whistleblower protections for federal employees and contractors.
  • Expanding incentives and protections for private sector whistleblowers.
  • Reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Modernizing the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Increasing transparency and oversight on the legal interpretations issued by the Office of Legal Counsel.
  • Stopping wasteful national security spending.
  • Enacting pro-taxpayer contracting reforms.
  • Tackling military acquisition reform.
  • Opening the Senate markup process of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to the public.
  • Ensuring taxpayers get a fair return on publicly owned natural resources.
  • Addressing problems and loopholes in the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Read the full report.

Image from Flickr user Vegan Baking.

Topics: Government Accountability

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Authors: Joe Newman

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