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POGO Twitter Chat Highlights

U.S. Capitol
(Photo: Wally Gobetz / Flickr)

Nothing strikes a chord quite like asking people what frustrates them most about their government. The Twitter chat we hosted July 16 on government accountability and oversight was no different.

On Twitter, @POGOblog—along with the accounts for the Straus Military Reform Project (@StrausReform) and the Congressional Oversight Initiative (@AskMoreKnowMore)—reacted to participants’ answers and carried on a discussion about reaching out to Members of Congress, policies that should become the focus of Congress, and what pleases and frustrates most about Congressional dealings.

POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian hit the nail on the head in her response to the frustrations of Congress today:

The question earned a big response from several other participants.

 In the end, the frustrations whittled down to an issue of partisanship.

One way or another, the conversations seemed to whittle down to how hard it was to see progress in Congress due to the gridlock and lack of collaboration.

While it’s not a surprising frustration, it’s important to highlight as there are many resources for the legislative branch to work in a bipartisan manner, including POGO’s Congressional Oversight Initiative.

We thank everyone who participated for their enthusiasm and we look forward to continuing the conversation on accountability.

To join future Twitter chats, follow @POGOblog and #MoreOversight.

Topics: Government Accountability, Open Government

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Authors: Iulia Gheorghiu

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