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Lt. Gen. Bogdan Hedges on Operational Testing

Several weeks ago, the Project On Government Oversight announced its cautious optimism upon learning the Director of Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E) planned to conduct a close air support (CAS) fly-off between the proven A-10 and the yet-to-be proven F-35.

The cautious aspect of that optimism has been shown to be warranted. Under questioning by Representative Martha McSally (R-AZ), a former A-10 pilot, F-35 program executive officer Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan (USAF) dismissed the idea of a comparative test as irrelevant. The exchange occurred during a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing on updates to the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Read the full article at POGO's Straus Military Reform Project.

By: Dan Grazier
Jack Shanahan Military Fellow, POGO

Photo of Dan Grazier Dan Grazier is the Jack Shanahan Military Fellow at the Project On Government Oversight

Authors: Dan Grazier

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