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March 26, 2015

By Jacob Marx

The Pentagon’s Wartime Slush Fund

National Security It’s called the Overseas Contingency Operations Account, or OCO, and it’s the Pentagon’s warfighting fund. Or at least it’s supposed to be. Instead, it has become a slush fund for Pentagon programs that have no connection to our war efforts.

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Topics: National Security

March 24, 2015

By Scott H. Amey, J.D.

In Carter We Trust?

Tammy Duckworth on Contractor Spending Representative Duckworth wants more information about Defense Department efforts to hire the appropriate workforce and to use contractor inventories for budgetary and readiness purposes.

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Topics: Contract Oversight

March 20, 2015

By Elizabeth "Liz" Hempowicz

The Senate Should Let the Sun Shine on the NDAA

Government Accountability Holding debates and markups in secret is the antithesis of open government, and the Senate Armed Services Committee should consider opening up its doors to the public.

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Topics: National Security

March 13, 2015

By Neil Gordon

Pentagon Tries to Bury Latest Afghanistan Report

Open Government Recent actions by the Pentagon justify the public's concern that the government is not being completely forthright about what's happening in Afghanistan.

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Topics: Contract Oversight

March 12, 2015

By Mandy Smithberger

F-35 Still Years Away From Being Ready for Combat

F-35 The F-35 continues to fail the most basic requirements for combat aircraft and commonsense. Despite reforms, the F-35 continues to be unaffordable, its engines continue to be susceptible to fire, and the Pentagon continues to misrepresent its performance.

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Topics: National Security

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