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October 11, 2013

By Andre Francisco

90 Seconds on Waste at the Dept. of Energy

Lydia UPF Screen Don’t have time to read our in-depth report on the problems at the Uranium Processing Facility (UPF)? No problem. POGO’s Lydia Dennett is ready to give you the key facts of the report and an anecdote that will make your head spin in this 90-second video.

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Topics: National Security

September 25, 2013

By Lydia Dennett

The Uranium Processing Fiasco

UPF The Energy Department and National Nuclear Security Administration have birthed another boondoggle—a Uranium Processing Facility projected to run billions of dollars over budget and 20 years behind schedule. It’s long past time to see if there isn’t a bett

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Topics: National Security

August 6, 2013

By Lydia Dennett

Y-12 Security: Time to Give Federalized Guard Force a Shot?

Keystone Cops A recent accidental firearm discharge at the Y-12 nuclear facility has injured two security officers, and raises questions about just how much has been done to improve safety and security at the site since the break-in one year ago.

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Topics: National Security

June 13, 2013

By Lydia Dennett

Lost? The Guards at Y-12 Can Help

Y-12 Safety Yet another security breach at the Y-12 nuclear complex highlights the need for meaningful security changes.

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Topics: National Security

May 20, 2013

By Scott H. Amey, J.D.

DOE Contracting Woes Continue

National Laboratories The Department of Energy Inspector General found subcontract audit weaknesses with nine Management and Operating contractors. Subcontracts totaling nearly $1 billion had not been audited or were reviewed in a manner that did not meet audit standards, which

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Topics: Contract Oversight

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