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Tell the Inspector General to Drop His Demand for the Names of VA Whistleblowers

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Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin, Acting Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs gave us until last Friday to turn over the names of whistleblowers who had contacted us about mismanagement at the VA. Protecting whistleblowers has been at the core of POGO’s mission for 33 years, and as always we will not reveal our sources.

We offered to brief Acting Veterans Affairs IG Richard Griffin on our findings, with the condition that we wouldn’t reveal the names of our sources. However, Acting IG Griffin’s subsequent demand for our records violates POGO’s First Amendment freedoms of speech, press and association.

If the VA IG can demand POGO’s records – one that amounts to little more than a fishing expedition – where does the government draw the line? What keeps the IG from grabbing the records of individuals or other organizations, such as CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post, all of which are involved in similar confidential investigations with whistleblowers?

Tell the Inspector General to Drop His Demand for the Names of VA Whistleblowers

Dear Acting Inspector General Richard Griffin,

We the undersigned are writing you in support of the Project On Government Oversight. We strongly disagree with your attempt to force POGO to reveal the identities of its Veterans Affairs whistleblowers.

While we support your efforts to root out mismanagement and corruption at the VA, your subpoena for POGO’s records goes too far. We urge you to drop your demand for POGO’s records.



erin yarrobino ,

Arthur Hansen Kew Gardens Hills, NY

William Mulloy LAKEWOOD, WA

Drop your demand of VA Whistle-blower Hero's.

Joyce Kwartler Chester, NY

You should investigate the Newark RO, and how their employees have been treated

Debra Charette Middletown , NY

Gerald Thompson Granite City, IL

Jerrie Hopkins Rancho Cordova, CA

They are necessary in order to keep justice and fair policies. Often necessary and the only way to find the the truth.

christopher vichiola torrington, CT

Maureen Wheeler Silver Spring, MD

m-l reifschneider Raleigh, NC

Drop your demand for the names of whistleblowers to be released.

christopher vichiola torrington, CT

Amber Garlan St. Paul, MN

Protect whistle blowers!

christopher vichiola torrington, CT


Joe Salazar Santa Rosa, CA

Dasi Bhaktivedanta Tempe, AZ

We exist to protect whistleblowers because they protect the people.


Mary Kroncke Frankfort, KY

What good will it do to have the names of whistlers?

Roland Lindorfer Rohrbach in Oberösterreich,

jim blair earlington, KY

drop your demand on the VA

K Arnone ,

K Arnone ,

f wong ny, NY

Please drop it. They didn't do anything wrong here but identify a broken system that needs fixing. They have sacrificed and given their lives in service of our country and freedom. We ought not to fail them now.

Al Chazin kew gardens hills, NY

Protect the whistleblowers

Sean Carlson Washington, DC

Charles Utt Dixon, CA

j f Virginia Beach, VA

You really need to spend your time Mr. Griffin dealing with the corrupt leadership at the Hampton VAMC, This place puts shame to treating Veterans with care. Leave the whistle blowers alone Griffin. Because we do not have enough Whistleblowers leadership in the Veterans Administration is extremely corrupt and has such a nature of retaliation. I'm a Veteran and I know firsthand!.

Chris Elam Byram, MS

Sir, The retaliation in your agency is a serious threat to many, both employees and patients. If their anonymity is not respected, you will lose valuable information and some dedicated people.

Carol Orlandi Menomonee Falls, WI

Protect whistleblowers, expose the corrupt

Miguel Figueroa Coamo, PR

Stop this nonsense@

Al Ughes Clifton, VA

Stop it and give a big bonus to the whistleblowers instead.

larry artrip ,

do not order p.o.g.o. to reveal there whistle blowers.or sources of information.

Stephanie Davis ANADARKO, OK

The whistleblower system is designed to end corruption. The IG office should welcome reports and investigate these reports against veterans. "United we stand divided we fall". Misconduct and corruption should be sought out and dealt with firmly, fairly, and swiftly. Support the citizens of the America on their journey to report abuse!

Daniel Gamache Derby, KS

I am perplexed by this demand. If there is in fact wrong doing, it may never be exposed without someone stepping forward.

Donald Mello Virginia Beach, VA

Please drop the demand for names of VA whistleblowers. Mr. Griffin this demand is ethically wrong and provides a sobering peek into your personal character. Please demonstrate you have the fortitude to rescind it. You/We are better than this. Thank You in advance.


You should be more wooried about WHAT the whistle blowers had to say than who said it.

John Raynor Omaha, NE

Monica Riggs Grand Junction, CO

With out whistle blowers the theft remains.

Caryn Leschen San Francisco, CA

Please, honor our veterans by discontinuing this reprehensible policy.

Karen Santoro Pittsburgh, PA

As a current and former whistleblower - stop. The truth will be told.

Kris Gilbert Binghamton, NY

Audrey Jordan Arlington, TX

You need to drop the VA whistleblower fishing expedition & FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!

Michael Robinson Pella, IA

The VA Inspector General should drop his demand for the names of VA whistleblowers. If this happens people that have risked all will be hung to dry. The IG can do his job without knowing who these people are.

Steven Carter-Lovejoy North Chesterfield, VA

Joan Inman Santa Rosa, CA

Whistleblowers should have our appreciation and protection, not harassment and punishment.

Gerald Thompson Granite City, IL


mark trifeletti Rome, NY

leave the people who are exposing the va for what it really does and is alone because those are the one you need and who care about the veterans

Adrienne Rhew Pullman, WA

William Nusbaum Saint Louis Park, MN

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