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Project on Government Oversight

Tell the Inspector General to Drop His Demand for the Names of VA Whistleblowers

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Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin, Acting Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Inspector General at the Department of Veterans Affairs gave us until last Friday to turn over the names of whistleblowers who had contacted us about mismanagement at the VA. Protecting whistleblowers has been at the core of POGO’s mission for 33 years, and as always we will not reveal our sources.

We offered to brief Acting Veterans Affairs IG Richard Griffin on our findings, with the condition that we wouldn’t reveal the names of our sources. However, Acting IG Griffin’s subsequent demand for our records violates POGO’s First Amendment freedoms of speech, press and association.

If the VA IG can demand POGO’s records – one that amounts to little more than a fishing expedition – where does the government draw the line? What keeps the IG from grabbing the records of individuals or other organizations, such as CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post, all of which are involved in similar confidential investigations with whistleblowers?

Tell the Inspector General to Drop His Demand for the Names of VA Whistleblowers

Dear Acting Inspector General Richard Griffin,

We the undersigned are writing you in support of the Project On Government Oversight. We strongly disagree with your attempt to force POGO to reveal the identities of its Veterans Affairs whistleblowers.

While we support your efforts to root out mismanagement and corruption at the VA, your subpoena for POGO’s records goes too far. We urge you to drop your demand for POGO’s records.


Glenn Gallagher Simi Valley, CA

Carolyn Friedman Willow, NY

michael hinshaw inkster, MI

Donna Desrosiers Plymouth, NH

Inspector General Richard Griffin should stop demanding names of VA whistleblowers.

LA Crane Franklin, NC

A People's Branch of government is the only thing that can Check & Balance these kind of atrocities! Learn more HERE:

salme armijo blue diamond, NV

Pat Schumacher Brownsville, TX

Marc McGuire Venice, LA

I am a Vietnam Era Veteran from 1968 to 1971 and I am "grateful" for the WHISTLEBLOWERS who had the "GUTS" to come forward with their experiences dealing with the V.A Hospital's NEGLIGENCE towards our Veterans, who "RISKS" their "Lives and Bodies" to "PROTECT" our Country!

Lisa Lipham Fayetteville, GA

Linda McFarland rogue river, OR

Jennifer DiRenzo Elk Creek, MO

Jay Harlan Houston, TX

Matthew Lipschik Brooklyn, NY

A.G. Hansen Crestwood, IN

George Schneider San Diego, CA

Helgaleena Healingline ,

K Lucas Westminsrter, CA

Vivianne Mosca-Clark Williams, OR

There are people that made complaints, and showed an interest in fixing what ever issues being exposed. Wanting their names will not change that...unless there would be any criminal actions done to the people talking. Then that would be criminal to try to stop them from saying their truth.

Dasi Bhaktivedanta Tempe, AZ

over my dead body. some of us have what used to be known as integrity

Sandy Commons Sacramento, CA

Bernadette Webster Whitethorn, CA

Why don't you go after the real crooks?

Malcolm Moore Portola, CA

Do the right thing

Raquel Quintana North Lauderdale, FL

Susaan Aram ,

How about punishing the perpetrators of the crimes against the VA ??????? Leave the whistleblowers alone!!!

Judy Alter Los Angeles, CA

Tell the Inspector General to drop his demand for names of VA whistleblowers.

Robert Gabriel Olympia, ID

Rae Pearson Seattle, WA

Curt Schoch Clinton, IL

Protect ALL whistleblowers from our Fraudulent gov.

John Peterkin ,

Mark Donaldson Melbourne, FL

Patricia Orlinski Sun City, AZ

Our veterans deserve close supervision of the services they are or are not receiving.

Cosette Freeman Portland, OR

Rather than trying to obstruct a whistleblower's legal and moral right to report misdoings, please concentrate on redressing the wrongful behavior. Attempts to abridge First Amendment rights seems especially grievous and cynical when the welfare of veterans is at stake.

Gloria Linda Maldonado Redwood City, CA

Whistle blowers should be given heroic status!

Susan Cox ,

Craig Browning ,

Daniel McLeod Deer Park, WA

Drs Paul and Mary Davidson Sandy Springs, GA

Mr. Inspector General: It does not serve the Administration to press the whistle blowers who stood up for veterans. We NEED our whistle blowers in America always, and especially in these times. Sometime there's an ulterior agenda, but transparency efforts are triggered even by 'red herring' whistles. No Administration or party is well served by effotst to suppress 'whistles except in the most dire and dangerous matters.

jeffrey sanders glenview, IL

Kathryn Lemoine West Monroe, LA

mark leffler van buren, AR

protect the ones who try to protect us

jim beene TOWNSEND, MA

Robert Wohlberg Richfield, MN

Michael Swiger Ludington, MA

let's protect Whistleblowers

Christine Koehler Vineland, NJ

kelly caffrey parlin, NJ

S unsts

Ray Yule Fullerton, CA

Gary Lampman Hendersonville, TN

Pricks like the inspector general need to respect the whistle blowers law and do his damn job of investigating wrong doing , malfeasance and waste.

Nadine Duckworth Taylorsville, NC

Quit worrying about who blew the whistle and research why the whistle was blown!!

arlette casellas-arana Miami, FL

I am agaist the demand, please drop it

emmanuel diaz-casellas Miami, FL


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