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Tell the President to Stand By the Victims of Camp Lejeune

President Obama has promised that the federal government would take steps to make a real difference for those still suffering from the devastating contamination at Camp Lejeune.

But President Obama’s Department of Justice is undermining his promise. Remarkably, DOJ recently sent a brief to the Supreme Court urging an interpretation of a federal pollution law that supports a known polluter—and would let the government off the hook for Camp Lejeune.

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Don't Force the Navy to Buy Jets It Doesn't Want

The F-35 is the poster child for what's wrong with military procurement in Washington. At an outrageous cost of $1.5 trillion to procure and maintain over its lifetime, the F-35 is the most expensive government program the United States has ever seen. The Navy has realized just how problematic the F-35C is and has requested a three-year pause in acquisition. Unfortunately, the Pentagon has reportedly blocked this request.

Urge Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to support the Navy’s reasonable request to put a hold on the purchase of more F-35Cs.

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Demand Transparnecy at Sexual Assault Crimes Panel

The Pentagon is finally working to curb the epidemic of sexual assault in the military but a key Department of Defense panel working to reform military policy has been keeping the public from its meetings.

While the panel provides transcripts of the meetings, the public is kept out of the process. A series of scandals, one which led to the retirement of the head of the military’s Sexual Assault Prevention Office, have shaken the public’s confidence in the Pentagon’s ability to properly deal with these cases. Holding closed-door meetings isn’t helping their credibility.

Transparency is the best way to make sure these proceedings are open, accountable and in the interest of sexual assault victims. Join POGO in calling for transparency today.

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Tell Congress to Cut Excessive Perks for Generals and Admirals

If you’re a military retiree, your pension is on the chopping block under a budget deal passed by Congress last month. That is unless you’re one of the Pentagon’s top brass.

Yes, unbelievably Congress is asking career enlisted personnel and lower-ranking officers to bear the brunt of pending budget cuts while three and four star generals and admirals, whose pensions were already bumped up, would keep their full retirement packages.

That’s just wrong.

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Tell Congress to Cut Wasteful Pentagon Spending

It’s a rare occasion when analysts from across the political spectrum come together on an issue, but the Pentagon’s budget is so full of waste and excessive spending that groups from the left, right and center, can’t help but agree—something  has to be done.

That’s why POGO joined with 27 organizations to urge Congress to eliminate wasteful and ineffective spending in the bloated Pentagon budget.

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Tell Congress to Rein in Surveillance Activities

It’s time to curb the secret laws that have allowed our national security agencies to grow far more powerful than we could have ever imagined. Our privacy, civil liberties and other basic rights we often take for granted hang in the balance.

The USA FREEDOM Act introduced in the Senate by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and in the House by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) would create serious and meaningful reform of National Security Agency activities. The bills have more than 80 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

The proposed legislation would strengthen oversight by requiring Inspector General audits of the intelligence community’s surveillance activities, while also providing the public more information about the number and types of surveillance orders that are issued.

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Tell the Interior Department You Support EITI

Every year, trillions of dollars are generated worldwide by the industries that extract natural resources through mining or drilling. This often happens on public land—but how much from the sale of those natural resources benefits the public and how much enriches corporate coffers?

An international initiative is helping answer that important question. It’s called the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, or EITI. In short, EITI makes it easier to track the money industries make from the sale of the public’s natural resources, such as oil, coal, natural gas and hard rock minerals.

Let the Interior Department know that you think the public deserves 100 percent transparency on where the revenue from the public’s natural resources goes.

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Tell Your Members of Congress to Read POGO's UPF Report

If you find yourself in a hole that you can’t get out of, the first thing you should do is stop digging. Sounds like common sense, right? Well, it probably won’t surprise you that the federal government is digging a huge hole with its plans to construct a Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Costs for the facility–which would evaluate, disassemble, and, if necessary, refurbish nuclear weapons components–have skyrocketed from an estimate of $600 million in 2005 to more than $11 billion today. Let that one roll of your tongue—11 B-I-L-L-I-O-N. Wow.  But here’s the kicker: We don’t really need this facility, as our report points out.

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Tell Congress to Increase Oversight of U.S. Foreign Aid

Congress will soon consider a bill that improves oversight of the billions of dollars in aid that flows from the U.S. to foreign countries each year.

But the Obama administration wants to exempt the billions it sends to foreign security forces—$25 billion in 2012—from this scrutiny. We can’t let this happen.

Please write your members of Congress today and urge them to support the Foreign Assistance Transparency and Accountability Act (FATA), with no exemptions for foreign security forces.

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Tell Federal Officials We Need Tough Anti-Human Trafficking Rules

Demand that contractors and subcontractors be held accountable so that the thousands of workers who provide food and other necessary services to our soldiers and reconstruction personnel aren’t trapped in the horrors of modern-day slavery.

Stop Modern Slavery


Tell Your Representative to Join the Congressional Watchdog Caucus

The Watchdog Caucus will empower inspectors general, federal auditors, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officers, whistleblowers and citizens, alike. Its mission is one we can fully endorse—promoting accountability of government employees, creating a culture of transparency and protecting taxpayer dollars. The question isn’t who should join this caucus but why would any member not join?

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Tell Your Member of Congress to Support Open Government

Sunshine Week is about promoting a more open and accountable government. Activists, journalists and everyday citizens are marking it nationwide with lectures, panel discussions, op-eds, reports and celebrations. This is the perfect time to urge your members of Congress to stand for transparency and open government.

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Tell Congress to Close the SEC's Revolving Door

The revolving door blurs the lines between one of the nation’s most important regulatory agencies and the interests it regulates. Former SEC employees routinely help corporations try to influence SEC rulemaking and enforcement. Besides pointing out what is wrong with the revolving door, our report outlines several steps Congress can take to mitigate the most harmful effects of the revolving door. We need your help to get these recommendations in front of Congress.

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Tell Congress to Make Our Embassies Safe

It’s time for Congress and the State Department to re-evaluate how America secures its diplomatic missions around the world. We should not be out-sourcing the security of our missions in places where there is increased risk.

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Sign Our Card Thanking Congress for Protecting Whistleblowers

Today, instead of asking you to oppose a bad law or support needed legislation, we'd like you to please fill out the form below to tell your Members of Congress thanks. Because of their action, federal employees who expose fraud, waste and abuses of power, will now be better protected—and so will we all.

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Tell Congress to Stop Wasting Money on a Sinking Ship

The Navy is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on a combat ship that is cracking, flooding, rusting and can’t even keep its engines running.  But it’s also buying an alternate version of the ship that doesn’t have nearly as many problems—and costs $12 million dollars less per ship. So why is the Navy still pouring taxpayer dollars into the more expensive version that can hardly stay afloat?

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