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Tell President Obama to Hold CIA Director Brennan Accountable

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CIA Director John Brennan's recent actions are unacceptable. An Inspector General's report confirms what has already been reported in the media—the CIA spied on its Senate overseers and made false claims to the DOJ against Senate staffers investigating the agency's use of torture.

It's clear now that Mr. Brennan was either clueless about what was going on in his agency or he outright lied to the Senate about it. His belated, private apology and his referral of the matter to an internal CIA “accountability board” are not an adequate response.

Director Brennan lost Congress’ and the public’s trust when the CIA illegally read the communications of Senate staff—not to mention violating the system of checks and balances at the heart of our democracy.

Tell President Obama that John Brennan has to go.

See the letter POGO and other groups sent to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

Under John Brennan's direction, the CIA spied on Senate staffers and made false claims to the Department of Justice. Director Brennan has lost Congress' and the public’s trust, and he must be held accountable. I urge you to ask for Director Brennan's resignation immediately.


Shannon Tanner Denver, CO

Joel Quaintance Huntsville, TX

Ashley Schutt Surprise, AZ

Donald Paden Loveland, CO

Jennifer Ho Hilo, HI

crimes mean prosecution - no special treatment for high ranking criminals

Helen Mendoza Waterville, NY

Being clueless or outright lies--either is unacceptable

Lori Walker Coeur d'Alene, ID

take legal action.

john potamites chicago, IL

hold cia director accountable for spying re senate and making false claims

Rick Bolotin Poultney, VT

Hal Trufan Charlotte, NC

Billie Ambrose GRESHAM, OR

Not right, he out right lied.


Lauren Linda Laguna Woods, CA

Peter Keiser Manlius, NY

Laurie Fisher Tigard,

Don B. Meriwether Atlanta, GA

Elaine Becker Roanoke, VA

Phil Fitzgerald Olathe, KS

richard smith melvindale, MI

fire him, fire him, fire him. i hope i've made myself clear.

Henry Weinberg Santa Barbara, CA

William Howald Marysville, WA

Kristen Bossert Milton ,

Patricia PERRON ,

Dion Lynn ,

Jim Altree Durango, CO

Bob Grier Greensboro, NC

Michael Callaway Upland, CA

Laurence Rio Holiday, FL

Make CIA accountable to the people. Fire Brennan, the liar.

karen toyohara La Mesa, CA

William Bodden Redmond, OR

His record is appalling.

Paul Deeter Keaau, HI

Julie Alley Long Beach, CA

Director Brennan must be held accountable!

joyce niksic Hammond, IN

Robert Miller Billings, MT

Nicole Savage San Francisco, CA

Philip Dennany Indianapolis, IN

Clearly, dishonest John Brennan should not be and any position involving trust.

Keith Augusto Las Vegas, NV

Thomas Rogers Eagle, ID

choky alvarez MIAMI, FL

To spied on the Senate and made false claims is wrong.

Frank Kroger Seattle Washington, WA

Sarah Baker East Peoria, IL

Kathleen Carr Cedaredge, CO

Dawn DiBlasi Fairfield, ME

Phyllis Hickman Deltona, FL

National security or Private Interests? If National Security then where's the threat? If private interests, this is a misuse of public resources; criminal negligence

jacob devaney prescott, AZ

Brennan is a disgrace

Susan Wallace aptos, CA

Fire Brennan NOW.

Joel Meltzer Port Washington, NY

Mark Peters Fletcher, NC

Not only should he be fired, a grand jury should be convened to determine if he should be indicted!

pam ward Nashua, NH

Linda Nansen La Honda, CA

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