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CIA Director John Brennan's recent actions are unacceptable. An Inspector General's report confirms what has already been reported in the media—the CIA spied on its Senate overseers and made false claims to the DOJ against Senate staffers investigating the agency's use of torture.

It's clear now that Mr. Brennan was either clueless about what was going on in his agency or he outright lied to the Senate about it. His belated, private apology and his referral of the matter to an internal CIA “accountability board” are not an adequate response.

Director Brennan lost Congress’ and the public’s trust when the CIA illegally read the communications of Senate staff—not to mention violating the system of checks and balances at the heart of our democracy.

Tell President Obama that John Brennan has to go.

See the letter POGO and other groups sent to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

Under John Brennan's direction, the CIA spied on Senate staffers and made false claims to the Department of Justice. Director Brennan has lost Congress' and the public’s trust, and he must be held accountable. I urge you to ask for Director Brennan's resignation immediately.


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Send him packing

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Jo Ann Sharrie Hawkins Reeds Spring, MO

Marilyn Phan San Diego, CA

Please hold CIA Director Brennan accountable for his lies.

Jean Collins Weed, CA

Please use your authority to remove this man from office.

Michael Yazdian North Miami, FL

CIA is guilty of overt and covert assassinations of Americans and it must be abolished.

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Ptolemy Adams Grandville, MI

Ptolemy Adams Grandville, MI

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President Obama should definitely look at this matter. Generic viagra online

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Kathy & Judy Sutter Greenacres, FL

Aren't we supposed to be working together? I know we can do better

John Walker New york, NY

I am a big fan of Barrack Obama, but it is necessary to take strict action against those people who are taking advantage of their positions. Please look in to the matter Super P force

John Walker New york, NY

I am a big fan of Barrack Obama, but it is necessary to take strict action against those people who are taking advantage of their positions. Please look in to the matter Super P force

claudia devinney perry, NY

past time for a changes

Jonathan Mitchell Madison, AL

Eric Medina Alexandria, VA

Accountability and responsibility is priority #1 - no task can be truly accomplished without somebody to own up to success or failure.

Jason Ross Huntington Beach, CA

Alexis Maestre-Saborit Fort Myers, FL

United States of America is the Most Cruel Country in the World.

Carlotta Tiniakoff La Mirada, CA

RJ Rocker New York, NY

If he is found guilty, President Obama should take an action. RJ STD Testing NYC

Christopher Benjamin Largo, FL

Catherine Hart Mt. Airy, MD

Barbara schlitz ,

John Brennan made false claims to the DOJ

Kevin Melfi East Providence, RI

Richard Smith melvindale, MI

David Lum Baltimore, MD

becky linder ,

Jason Ross huntington beach, CA

Spencer Bartlett Centreville, VA

Mary Shragge Salt lake city, UT

The CIA needs to be held accountable.for lying and misleading our lawmakers and the American public.

Mary Krasser Lincoln, NE

Mary Krasser Lincoln, NE

Tony Lilich Sapulpa, OK

brad henson ,

He's not too important to be held to account.

Patricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL

Sharon Connolly Bishop, CA

Bruce Hlodnicki INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Peter J. Keiser Manlius, NY

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