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Tell President Obama to Hold CIA Director Brennan Accountable

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CIA Director John Brennan's recent actions are unacceptable. An Inspector General's report confirms what has already been reported in the media—the CIA spied on its Senate overseers and made false claims to the DOJ against Senate staffers investigating the agency's use of torture.

It's clear now that Mr. Brennan was either clueless about what was going on in his agency or he outright lied to the Senate about it. His belated, private apology and his referral of the matter to an internal CIA “accountability board” are not an adequate response.

Director Brennan lost Congress’ and the public’s trust when the CIA illegally read the communications of Senate staff—not to mention violating the system of checks and balances at the heart of our democracy.

Tell President Obama that John Brennan has to go.

See the letter POGO and other groups sent to President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

Under John Brennan's direction, the CIA spied on Senate staffers and made false claims to the Department of Justice. Director Brennan has lost Congress' and the public’s trust, and he must be held accountable. I urge you to ask for Director Brennan's resignation immediately.


Kathryn Meehan Davis, CA


Dennis Landi Long Beach, CA

Bruce Hlodnicki INDIANAPOLIS, IN

CIA Director John Brennan needs to be fired because he simply does not understand that torture is wrong AND illegal.

Fred Rilling nokmois, FL

Susan Rowe Coarsegold, CA

Joe Tapia Los Alamos, NM

A criminal sociopath who reveals the true character of government intelligence agencies.

Paatricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL

We need accountability

Alexander Kane Pacific Palisades, CA

This should be step one in holding torturers accountable.

lance patton Great Falls, MT

Edward Burke QUOGUE, NY

What happened to closing Gitmo? What is it that changed you so much from the man we voted for? Where is your decency? Where is greater transparency in Government. When did the CIA become untouchable? We did not elect him. You can do something about this. Why do you keep this thug in office?

David Evans , CA

Diane Birmingham Fort Collins, CO

Cynthia Walker La Veta, CO

Who do they think they are?

Jeff Goll Glenview, IL

More lying scum, can it ever end?

Linda Jones Ontario, CA

Teresa Chouanard Saint Paul, MN

Ann Bergmann Corvallis, OR

Lorence Hyler Cleve. Hts., OH

The man spied on Congress And lied to Congress about it; yet is not held accountable, yet responsible members of society are punished when they report wrongdoings. Why is this?

Maggi Carter ,

theresa kinley norcross, GA

Douglas Pressley Norman,

Winfield Hutton Shoreline, WA

Chris OBrien keyWest, FL

Anne Humphrey Vergennes, VT

Robert Olcott West Lebanon, NH

Sandy Commons Sacramento, CA

Mercedes Lackey Claremore, OK

What is WRONG with you people?

Robert Gabriel Olympia, WA

M Leszczynski ,

Leslie Kaplan NYC, NY

Bill Brady West Chicago, IL

Bill Brady West Chicago, IL

Gregg Johnson San Jose, CA

John Brennan has to go

Lorne Beatty Brighton, MI

John Kasbohm Newton, MA

Defund Obama's Stasi-on-steroids NSA domestic surveillance apparatus! Furlough Government Spooks/Perverts!

mark leffler van buren, AR

we are all supposed to be accountable for our actions..are we not?

Nina Kane ,

Erline Towner Milford, NH

Lies Lies and more Lies, If you support Brennan does that mean you approve of this behavior?

Marcos Arguello Las Vegas, NV

Sarah Baker East Peoria, IL

JoAnne Gilmore Rifle, CO

Tina Arnold Oakland, CA

John Brennan is not capable of overseeing the CIA. He must be replaced!

Ginger Carter Decatur, AL

Larry Lambeth Springfield, MO

John Brennan is either incompetent or a liar and perhaps both. John Brennan must go!

Gordon smith hot springs, AR

Clifford Terry Knoxville, TN

Nancy Yarosis BENSON, NC

Kathryn Christian Grand Junction, CO

Whether inept or duplicitous, this bum must go!

Joanna Foley Berkeley, CA

Luke Meade-Barlowe Bardstown, KY

Dear Mr. President, I wish I could help you with all the discrimination that you are receiving, it is not fair.

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