Donor Quotes

“The Project On Government Oversight helps taxpayers and the public interest by investigating and exposing government misconduct and mismanagement. POGO also makes a difference by teaching others how to investigate.”
Senator Chuck Grassley, (R-IA)

“POGO is a great non-partisan group—they call balls and strikes.”
Sen. Claire McCaskill, (D-MO)

“The most a**-kicking, name-taking, bunch of goody-two-shoes, good-government types in America.”
Lewis Black, Actor and Author

“POGO provides a funder the best return for an investment in Washington…and the return is not just in a well-run and productive nonprofit, but in a more transparent and accountable government, and more importantly, in a more open and richer democracy.”
Geri Mannion, Program Director, Carnegie Corporation of New York

“As bad as things appear in government, I cannot imagine what the situation would be without a watchdog like POGO.”
Frank Serpico, NYPD Whistleblower

“Some of my best hearings in my 20 years were assisted by the information that POGO got. I think it's astonishing that there is no other organization like it in Washington. You would think that there would be many. If there wasn’t POGO there would be nothing.”
Former Representative Christopher Shays, (R-CT)

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