Frequently Asked Questions about CFC and POGO

What is your CFC number again?

POGO's CFC number is #10785.

What percentage of my donation to  POGO gets taken out for CFC operation purposes?

This percentage varies depending on your local campaign and the year in which you donate.  The Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area currently has about a 9% administrative fee.  You can find out what your particular area’s fee is by calling your local campaign.  The CFC’s campaign locator website can be found here.

Does this mean you accept government funds?

No, we only accept individual contributions made through the Combined Federal Campaign.  POGO protects its independence by not accepting contributions from the federal government, corporations, labor unions, or anyone with a financial interest in the outcome of our investigations.

You can learn more about POGO’s funding by viewing our most recent annual report and Form 990.    

I gave to POGO through the CFC; why didn’t you send me a thank-you note or list me in the annual report?

Please note that your name and address will be completely anonymous unless you designate on your pledge card to make it public to your designated charity.  Also, if you choose to make your name known to us, please be patient in awaiting individual acknowledgement from POGO; it takes several months for the local CFC chapters to process your donation and pass along your name and information to us.

Are you truly non-partisan?

POGO approaches its work as an investigative oversight organization with no ideological or political slant.  We are acutely aware of partisan polarization, and we know how important it is to remain independent if we are to be truly effective.  We will work to stop anyone, regardless of political party, who chooses to defraud the government, waste taxpayer dollars, or abuse their power.

Click here to learn more about our investigations and accomplishments.

How much of your budget is spent on administrative and overhead costs?

In FY 2009, POGO allocated 17% of its budget for administrative and fundraising expenses.  

If you have any questions that you do not see listed here, please email us at Thank you for your interest.

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