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Project on Government Oversight

POGO letter to International Boundary and Water Commission Commissioner Carlos Marin regarding POGO’s findings concerning a no-bid contract.

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April 7, 2006

Acting Commissioner Carlos Marin
International Boundary and Water Commission
United States Section
4171 North Mesa, Suite C-100
El Paso, TX 79902-1441

Via Facsimile: (915) 832-4191

Dear Acting Commissioner Marin:

As you may be aware, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) released a report last week detailing the questionable history of one company’s attempts to receive a contract from your agency, the U.S. section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC), for a secondary wastewater treatment plant to be located in Mexico. As of April 6, 2006, a contract has not been awarded to the Bajagua Project LLC, the company detailed in the report and your agency’s preferred alternative in the USIBWC 2005 record of decision for long term secondary treatment options of Mexican sewage.

POGO’s report entitled, "The Politics of Contracting: Bajagua's No-Bid Deal," is available online at

POGO is extremely concerned about the lack of any competition for the award of such a large contract. We would like to enter into a dialogue with the USIBWC regarding our report and recommendations. We also would like to know the status of the contract.


Danielle Brian
Executive Director

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