Appendix D: Groundskeeper (POGO Report: Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors)

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September 13, 2011

Report: Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors
Appendix D Job Listing

GSA Contract Billing Rates (a)


OPM WG Series (b)SOC Code (c)GSA SIN (d)Contract NumberGSA CategoryGovernment Site Hourly Billing Rate (e)Average Hourly Billing RateContract Rate Dates (f)
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0044P Grounds Maintenance $25.43 $25.43 5/6/2009 – 5/6/2010
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0026P Grounds Maintenance $20.04 $20.04 3/2/2004 – 3/1/2014
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0051P Grounds Maintenance $25.36 $25.36 6/22/2010
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0009S Grounds Maintenance $24.16 $24.16 9/16/2008
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0066R Grounds Maintenance $27.56 $27.56 FY 2008
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0082S Grounds Maintenance $23.19 $23.19 6/4/2006 – 6/4/2011
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0088R Grounds Maintenance $25.80 $25.80 9/2004 – 8/2014
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0044S Grounds Maintenance $28.51 $28.51 3/10/2006 – 3/9/2011
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-06F-0039P Grounds Maintenance $22.27 $22.27 6/17/2009
5003 37-3011 811-002 GS-21F-0015T Grounds Maintenance $26.32 $26.32 None given
        Average Hourly Billing Rate  $24.86    
        Average Annual Billing Rate (g) $51,709    


Office of Personnel Management, “Federal Classification and Job Grading System: Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work.”  (Downloaded March 7, 2011)

Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Standard Occupational Classification: 213 SOC Major Groups.”  (Downloaded March 7, 2011)
General Services Administration, “GSA eLibrary.”  (Downloaded March 7, 2011) To find the contractor billing rates, click on the “Services” link in the “Category Guide” box, then enter the SIN in the search field; and to find labor rate information for specific contracts, click on the “Services” link in the “Category Guide” box, enter the SIN in the search field, click on the SIN appearing under the “Category” heading in the description match, then click the “Contract Terms & Conditions” icon corresponding to the contract number.


(a) Any of the cited rates that do not comport with data currently published by GSA can be explained in one of the following three ways: 1) POGO transferred data that was available during August 2010, and where possible selected rates in effect for FY 2009, although some of these contracts have expired or been modified; 2) where billing rates varied by location, security levels, etc. POGO used the average of those rates; and 3) manual transference of data from GSA’s website may have resulted in a de minimis number of discrepancies that would be inconsequential for the comparisons POGO calculated. POGO calculated the average annual contractor billing rate by selecting from the GSA’s “Schedule Sale Query” (SSQ) a sample of contracts with other than small businesses generating the most sales.

(b) Office of Personnel Management’s job classification Job Grading Standards for Trades, Craft, and Labor Positions (WG) series.

(c) Department of Commerce’s Standard Occupational Classification coding system. SOC codes 11-3041 and 11-3042 (Human Resources Management) and 15-1099 and 15-1081 (Information Technology Management) are not listed in this appendix because the GSA contracts did not specify these particular occupational specialties, thus no billing rates could be established.

(d) General Services Administration’s Special Identification Number for procurement of specific goods and services.

(e) Hourly billing rate for services performed at a federal government worksite.

(f) Some contracts do not contain a date range because the contracts were modified and therefore only the date of the modification is listed.

(g) Average annual contractor billing rates are typically based on a 2,087-hour conversion method, but for the sake of comparison to total government compensation, POGO used a 2,080-hour conversion. As a result, POGO multiplied the average hourly contractor billing rate by 2,080 to calculate the average annual contractor billing rate.