EITI Meeting December 11-12, 2013

December 11-12, 2013 USEITI Multi-Stakeholder Group Meeting

U.S. Department of the Interior, Room 5160, 1849 C Street NW; Washington, DC 20240

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Wednesday, December 11

10:00-10:15am           Welcome and Introductions (Audio: 13:20)

10:15-10:45am           USEITI MSG Business (Audio: 13:08)

  • Update on Nominations Process to Fill Vacancies
  • MSG Meeting Summaries review and approval
  • Other

10:45-12:00pm           Candidacy Application Update (Audio: 26:23)

  • Summary and consideration of public meetings and comments
  • Review of Final Draft Application
    • Outreach sections
    • Adapted Implementation
    • Annexes/Appendices
    • Other

12:00pm-1:00pm       Break to Get Lunch

1:00-1:15pm              Public Comment

1:15-1:45pm              Finalize Candidacy Application (Audio: 13:04)

1:45-2:15pm              Submittal of Draft Application Next Steps (Audio: 15:02)

  • Incorporation of final MSG comments
  • Submittal to Secretary of the Interior
  • Secretary of the Interior submittal to International EITI (Audio: 21:20)
  • Other dates, milestones, activities remaining

2:15-2:30pm              Break

2:30-3:00pm              Update from the Outreach Subcommittee and Discussion (Audio: 14:24)

3:30-4:00pm              Wrap-up/Next Stepd for Day 2/ Adjourn (Audio: 5:46)

Thursday, December 12

9:30-9:45am             Welcome and Introductions (Audio: 7:03)

9:45-10:00am           Libyan Visiting Delegation (Audio: 2:57)

10:00-10:15pm         Report Out - EITI Seminar in Columbia (Audio: 12:16 Recorded at Dec. 11 meeting)

  • Greg Gould, ONRR

10:15-12:00pm         Brainstorming the Role of Reconciler and the Creation of the Report (Audio: 1:22:58)

  • Review key tasks of the reconciler
  • Identify key criteria for retaining a reconciler
  • What are the possible roles of the MSG, DOI, reconciler in preparing the Report as a whole?
  • Task subcommittee(s) if and as appropriate

12:00pm-1:15pm       Break to Get Lunch

1:15-1:30pm              Public Comment

1:30-2:15pm              Transitioning to 2014 (Audio: 32:25)

  • What is the charge of the Candidacy Subcommittee, at least in transition to 2014?
  • How can DOI engage key other MSG resources to undertake various aspects  of reporting in 2014?

2:15-3:00pm              Potential Timeline for 2014 (Audio: 1:05:06)

  • MSG reviews potential timeline for 2014
  • MSG considers key tasks for developing a reporting template for publicly sourced narrative, unilateral disclosure and reconciled data
  • MSG charges appropriate subcommittee

3:00-3:30pm              Break

3:30-4:15pm              Next Steps for Implementation (Audio: 15:13)

  • Review final tasks for 2013 and submittal of application
  • Review proposed tasks for 2014
  • Summarize key subcommittee(s) next steps

4:15-4:30pm              Wrap-up / Adjourn (Audio: 10:53)

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