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Those who have never experienced military conflict are best informed by actual combat veterans to better understand the stress they face, notwithstanding attempts to explain it by Hollywood (Saving Private Ryan), historians like John Keegan (The Face of Battle), and close observers such as SLA Marshall (Men against Fire) and Jonathan Shay (Achilles in Vietnam). Learning from combat veterans both directly and indirectly is a longstanding practice of the Center For Defense Information. The intent of the Straus Military Reform Project is to inform leaders in the armed forces, government, academia and industry about what our military personnel need to prevail in and after the ordeal of combat.

We strive to identify effective strategies and tactics that will help our military and the nation triumph when conflict cannot be avoided. We want the military to have the most effective weapons that can be bought in sufficient quantities to win on the battlefield—not weapons whose primary beneficiaries are careerists, lobbyists and politicians.

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