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Measuring the Decay: DoD-wide

On the evening of Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 at the Stewart R. Mott Charitable Trust in Washington, D.C., three authors of "America's Defense Meltdown" discussed the ongoing decay in the U.S. armed forces. In sharp contrast to the political apparatchiks that protest that more money is needed to reverse the moldering in the Army, Navy and Air Force, it might begin to dawn on some that budget increases are a primary cause of the problems, a symptom that Winslow Wheeler described in a presentation at the discussion event.

To access Winslow Wheeler's presentation, please click here.

The goal of the Straus Military Reform Project is to secure far more effective military forces and much more ethical and professional military and civilian leadership at significantly lower budget levels.

We would like to thank Philip A. Straus Jr. and family for their generous support.

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