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Kelly Vlahos Article on 'Fighter Mafia' Reunion

Members of the

Members of the "Fighter Mafia" from left, Pierre Sprey, Tom Christie, and Charles "Chuck" Myers. (Photo Reprinted with permission by Kelley Vlahos/The American Conservative)

There was a 40 year reunion at Ft Myer this past Wednesday.  Kelly Vlahos was there to collect some memories but more importantly to point out that it remains necessary to fly under the radar to effect reform in a system that still seeks to punish those who refuse to "go along with the gag."  Find her piece at The American Conservative website.

The goal of the Straus Military Reform Project is to secure far more effective military forces and much more ethical and professional military and civilian leadership at significantly lower budget levels.

We would like to thank Philip A. Straus Jr. and family for their generous support.

Submitted by Blacktail at: October 12, 2013
It's pretty obvious that while this "Glaaaar!" character pretends to be doing something, but is secretly trying to be someone. ;-)
Submitted by Glaaaar! at: September 30, 2013
The F-16 robbed money from the F-15 accounts and began a three decade long forced love affair (similar to Grumman's dominance of NavAir) which left the USAF with a mixed muddle of F-16 capabilities, none of them 'optimized' towards anything useful (Blk.10-30 could not deliver smart weapons, Blk.40 could not self defend against IADS, Blk.50 didn't have the ATP/Sniper until much later). Compare this to the preceding generation of the F-4 in which an admittedly active war drove the rapid procurement and servicing of precision munitions, targeting pods, two generations of improved AIM-9s and superior fuel tanks, engines and maneuver combat systems, all within a nominal single airframe. Had the F-15 been the designated beneficiary of the AIM-120 AMRAAM program, we would have had an ARH Sparrow of roughly 600lbs with 50nm worth of range. In 1984. The height of the 'Window Of Vulnerability' by which the Soviets could push us hard enough to lose a conventional war in NATO Europe. Instead, we got a 350lb weapon whose initial 120A hybrid circuits were so ghastly in terms of kluged function and reliability that the entire inventory was basically scrapped in favor of a new-GCS -120B. In 1992-93. Long after such a weapon would have been useful in Europe or anywhere else. The same thing is happening today except that the impetus to gold plate the F-35 has delayed the -entire weapons system- entry into service in pursuit of the 'perfect platform'. At the cost of upgrading the F-22 through a C model which would be functionally superior to it's nominal successor in all areas. Point Being: The F-16 destroyed any hope of a functionally effective, standardized, fighter fleet based around 1,200 F-15s at 35 million each instead of 3,000 F-16s at 21 million each. And that attitude of rebel-fad is what makes the mixed fighter force concept of 200 Raptors and 2,400 JSF equally absurd. Because the JSF is neither aerodynamically nor by-stealth competent to a modern airwar condition with SA-20 something missiles. I blame the F-16 for parochial attitudes about the best vs. the total force concept of fighter operations and in this, the Fighter Mafia did more to serve the needs of a pilot's union than they did the defense of the United States.

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