CDI Brings Back Retired Military Voices

Photo from CDI Event

(Philip A. Straus Jr. Speaking on CDI's Creation of the Jack Shanahan Fellowship and the Creation of the Military Advisory Board)

Supporters of real military reform recently gathered to celebrate two new efforts by the Project On Government Oversight’s Center for Defense Information.

The first is to revive retired military voices at CDI through a Military Advisory Board. This group of retired military officers will help guide CDI’s mission of increasing military effectiveness, promoting ethical and professional standards, and reducing bloated budgets.

Members of the board are: Lt. Col. Tony Carr, USAF (Ret.), Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, USA (Ret.), Maj. Donald E. Vandergriff, USA (Ret.), Col. Gary I. Wilson, USMC (Ret.), and Col. Michael D. Wyly, USMC (Ret.).

CDI was originally founded by an independent group of retired military officers in 1971 to provide a different perspective on defense matters than the official party line of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. Phil Straus, Jr, a generous supporter of military reform efforts, led the introduction. “It’s important that we get the people that make the decisions to make decisions that support the American people and make this country stronger, not poorer and weaker,” said Straus.

The event also celebrated the creation of the Jack Shanahan Fellowship. This new position has been created to enable recent military veterans to bring fresh experiences to CDI’s Straus Military Reform Project. The position honors the life and work of Admiral Jack Shanahan, who served as CDI’s director after retiring as Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Second Fleet. His work at CDI focused on the scale of spending by the Pentagon and the unwarranted diversion of taxpayer dollars from domestic needs, especially infrastructure, the environment, and education.

Keith Rutter

By: Keith Rutter, Chief Operating Officer

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