Most observers of Congress today search for new words to describe its dysfunction, self-obsession and refusal to exercise accountability for itself or over the rest of the federal government. Congress’ role on national security is a prime example, from members placing their own political livelihood above questions of war and peace to their continuing fixation on pork to the rapacious hunt by both parties for power for its own sake, Congress has earned every epithet flung at it. Nevertheless, this primary institution of US government must be better understood, if it is to be reformed, and proposals to tackle its dysfunction in important areas like oversight should be brought forward in the hope that the very few Members of Congress, and their staff, who seem to have an operative conscience can be assisted. This website does not seek to simply revile Congress for its poor collective behavior but to consider ways to reform it: to simply scorn Congress, and do nothing more, is to perpetuate its problems.

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