Military People and Their Ideas

Lt. Gen. Elwood

The photo is of Major General Elwood R. (Pete) Quesada who commanded the Ninth Tactical Air Force in Europe in World War II. He was a highly significant innovator in the use of US air power—in a very different manner from the allegedly “precision” bombing over European cities practiced by the Army Air Force’s more dominant devotees of Italian General Guilio Douhet’s  theories of strategic bombing. As an exponent of tactical air power on the battlefield, Quesada sought to take the US Air Force in a very different direction from which it has evolved since World War II.

Armed forces throughout the world are full of such innovators. Often the reasons why certain ideas do or do not predominate are as important and revealing as the ideas themselves. This website seeks to explore those innovative ideas that contribute to the effectiveness of US armed forces to the detriment of real or potential opponents and to the benefit of the American armed forces, and the US taxpayer. .

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