The F-35 Boondoggle

George Kenny runs the Electric Politics Web site, conducting extended interviews on core issues like the environment, politics and defense. On May 21, he released his interview with Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project. The subject is the F-35 "Joint Strike Fighter." The interview discusses not just why this gigantic defense program should be cancelled, but won't; it also probes other sacred cows of modern defense technology; for example, addressing why we no longer can mass produce fighters and the bane of modern combat aircraft—the "multi-role" fighter design.

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Winslow Wheeler, Director, Straus Military Reform Project, Center for Defense Information at the Project On Government Oversight

By: Winslow Wheeler, Director (2002-2014), Straus Military Reform Project, CDI at POGO

At the time of publication Mr. Wheeler's was the director of the Straus Military Reform Project of the Center For Defense Information at POGO.

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