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F-35 Still Stumbling, March 30, 2017. Background here.

Dr. Tim Kane's Total Volunteer Force, February 24, 2017. Background here.


The Creation of Warfighting, with John Schmitt, November 28, 2016, Background here.

When Pilots Can't Fly with Maj. Carl Forsling USMC, October 12, 2016, Background here.

Winslow Wheeler on Congressional Oversight, September 7, 2016, Background here.

Bill Lind on the Congressional Military Reform Caucus, July 14 2016, Background here.

Fly Before You Buy: Tom Christie on Realistic Combat Testing, June 28, 2016. Background here.

USMC Case Method Project, May 23, 2016. Background at Program Helps Marine Officers Develop Decision-Making Skills.

Q&A with F-35 Program Manager Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, April 28, 2016. Background at F-35 Chief Struggles to Justify Block Buy.