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Cronyism in Action: Government’s Cozy Ties to Big Tech & Big War (WATCH), The American Conservative, July 16, 2018 

DoD Says A-10 vs. F-35 'Fly-Off' Is Over. But Will Results Satisfy?, Oriana, July 14, 2018 

Meet The Air Force's $1200 Cup Of Coffee, Tyler DurdenZero Hedge, July 13, 2018 

Oversight group alleges USAF F-35/A-10 fly-off was not objective, Pat HostJane's 360, July 13, 2018 

A−10 vs. F−35 close-air support 'fly off’ shrouded in secrecy, Victoria Leoni, Kyle RempferAir Force Times, July 13, 2018 

The U.S. Air Force’s Close Air Support Fly-Off Is a Farce, Dan GrazierWar Is Boring, July 12, 2018 

The F-35 vs. A-10 Warthog Face-off Is a Total Sham. Here's Why., Dan GrazierThe National Interest, July 12, 2018 

Pentagon conducts F-35 vs A-10 fly-off ‘farce’, Asia Times, July 12, 2018 

The Long Awaited A-10 vs.-F-35 Flyoff Is Off to a Sketchy Start, Kyle MizokamiPopular Mechanics, July 11, 2018 

Can America’s New Stealth Fighter Out-Fly a ’70s Retro Plane?, David AxeThe Daily Beast, July 11, 2018 

What to watch as House, Senate lawmakers begin defense policy bill negotiations, Jamie McIntyre, Travis J. TrittenThe Washington Examiner, July 11, 2018 

The U.S. Air Force Is Hiding Its Controversial Flyoff Between the A-10 and F-35, Joseph TrevithickThe Drive - The War Zone, July 10, 2018 

The art and optics of reputation management, Wiki Tribune, July 9, 2018 

Don’t drop that mug of Joe, it’s worth its weight in gold, Victoria LeoniAir Force Times, July 9, 2018 

GOP's next budget writer could be one of the party's last big spenders, Andrea DruschFort Worth Star-Telebram (McClatchy), July 6, 2018 

GOP lawmakers strike conciliatory tones in Russia, Gregory HellmanPolitico - Morning Defense Newsletter, July 5, 2018 

Congress to Pentagon: Have Some More F-35s – on Us!, Michael RaineyThe Fiscal Times, June 27, 2018 

Lawmakers Back Lockheed’s F-35 Jet for Production Boost, Tony CapaccioBloomberg, June 26, 2018 

Trump’s proposed new space force must fly over many hurdles, Tom RoederColorado Springs Gazette, June 23, 2018 

Military largely absent from government reorganization, Scott MaucioneFederal News Radio, June 22, 2018 

Final NDAA this summer could include military pay raises, new weapons, experts say, Claudia GrisalesStars & Stripes, June 19, 2018 

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