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The Military-Industrial Complex Is on Corporate Welfare, William D. HartungThe Nation, February 27, 2018 

Who will watchdog Trump’s massive Pentagon budget while McCain is absent?, Christian DavenportThe Washington Post, February 23, 2018 

F-35 takes flak, but still flying high, Jamie McIntyreThe Washington Examiner, February 20, 2018 

Podcast: Pentagon Aims at Russia, China With Big Budget Boost, Shawn ZellerCQ Roll Call - CQ on Congress Podcast, February 16, 2018 

Cutting defense will improve efficiency, Harold A. Penner (Letter to the Editor)LancasterOnline, February 10, 2018 

Trump calls for end of military budget sequester, Barrie BarberDayton Daily News, February 4, 2018 

Revolving Door Between Trump Pentagon, Contractors Spins Faster, Sam SkolnikBloomberg Government, February 1, 2018 

Overspending on the Pentagon won’t make us safer, William D. HartungThe Hill, January 30, 2018 

Experts say NDAA provision on lobbying could catch some in industry by surprise, Marjorie CenserInside Defense, January 26, 2018 

Air Force: Super Bowl flyover features combat fighters, Stephen CarlsonStars & Stripes, January 25, 2018 

USAF plans to re-open A-10 re-winging contract, Stephen TrimbleFlightGlobal, January 25, 2018 

110 A-10s in jeopardy of extinction if Air Force can’t pay for new wings, Peter ReidAmerican Military News, January 22, 2018 

SitRep: U.S. Govt. Shuts Down; Defense Strategy Unveiled; Nuclear Torpedo, Elias GrollForeign Policy, January 22, 2018 

Air Force Will Lose More Than a Third of A-10s If the Planes Don't Get New Wings, Kyle MizokamiPopular Mechanics, January 19, 2018 

A-10 Wing Replacements Depend on Budget, Air Force Says, Oriana, January 19, 2018 

USAF Official in Charge of A-10s Says Re-Wing Program Is "Not Going to Happen", Joseph TrevithickThe Drive - The War Zone, January 18, 2018 

Is The Air Force Still Secretly Plotting To Kill The A-10 Warthog?, Jared KellerTask & Purpose, January 18, 2018 

America's friendly neighborhood foreign agent, Erin LankausMedium, January 17, 2018 

Low expectations for high-level Korea talks this week, Jamie McIntyre and Travis TrittenThe Washington Examiner, January 8, 2018 

Can the Pentagon actually figure out how it spends its money?, Travis J. TrittenThe Washington Examiner, January 7, 2018 

The ‘Merchants Of Death’ Survive And Prosper, Lawrence WittnerHuffPost, December 31, 2017 

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