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Each entry in POGO’s SEC Revolving Door Database represents one post-employment disclosure statement notifying the SEC of a former employee’s intent to represent an employer or client before the agency. Some employees have filed multiple statements.

ANALYSIS: See POGO's reports, blog posts, and other work on the SEC revolving door
How POGO organized the information and assembled the database

Diane L. Dallianis

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Former Division/Office: Regional Office
Former Regional Office: Midwest
Former Title: Attorney-Advisor
New Employer: Diane Dallianis
Represented Entity: Investment banking firm of [Redacted (b)(4)]
Issue: Assistance with the SEC's examination of their firm, which starts tomorrow, as they have never been examined before and want to ensure a smooth process with SEC staff. I have decided that I would like to assist the firm throughout this process. My involvement would be to attend the opening and closing interviews by SEC staff, and to otherwise interact with SEC staff and assist the firm during the period of examination.
Date of Resignation: 03/16/07
Date of Statement: 04/11/07