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Each entry in POGO’s SEC Revolving Door Database represents one post-employment disclosure statement notifying the SEC of a former employee’s intent to represent an employer or client before the agency. Some employees have filed multiple statements.

ANALYSIS: See POGO's reports, blog posts, and other work on the SEC revolving door
How POGO organized the information and assembled the database

Eric S. Purple

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Former Division/Office: Investment Management
Former Regional Office: N/A
Former Title: Senior Counsel
New Employer: Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLP
Represented Entity: Redacted (b)(4)
Issue: Efforts to seek no-action assurances from the staff of the Division of Investment Management; specifically, [Redacted (b)(4)] wishes to obtain the staff's views regarding the potential integration issues raised by a hedge fund structure in which an existing domestic 3(c)(1) excepted investment pool will convert into a "feeder fund" of a yet-to-be formed offshore "master" investment company, and which will be operated side-by-side with two yet-to-be formed 3(c)(7) feeder funds, one domestic and one off-shore, each of which will also invest in the master
Date of Resignation: 07/21/07
Date of Statement: 09/27/07