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Each entry in POGO’s SEC Revolving Door Database represents one post-employment disclosure statement notifying the SEC of a former employee’s intent to represent an employer or client before the agency. Some employees have filed multiple statements.

ANALYSIS: See POGO's reports, blog posts, and other work on the SEC revolving door
How POGO organized the information and assembled the database

Norman M. Reed

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Former Division/Office: Trading and Markets
Former Regional Office: N/A
Former Title: Staff Attorney
New Employer: Omgeo LLC and Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation
Represented Entity: Omgeo LLC and Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation
Issue: Omgeo's and the DTCC's continuing responses to findings communicated to Omgeo and DTCC in August 2006 by staff in an examination conducted by the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations; will also represent Omgeo and the DTCC regarding an exemption from registration as a clearing agency that the Division of Market Regulation issued to Omgeo pursuant to delegated authority on April 17, 2011. In connection with these two matters, I anticipate communications with the staff in various Commission offices pertaining to annual reports, interoperability information, audit committee reviews, confidentiality, and other systems information, along with any other information or matters identified by the conditions enumerated in the exemption and along with any other issues relating to the examination findings.
Date of Resignation: 02/27/07
Date of Statement: 03/08/07